Quit Smoking Tips, Ways to Help You Stop Smoking No. 1

Quit smoking tips like these to help you stop smoking have been around for years. Some of the suggestions you’ll read below will connect with you – others may not. And that’s fine. Take a scan through them – if something clicks give it a try.

This is just one of a number of articles to come, containing tips to help you quit smoking so come back again and see what new tips I’ve been able to dig up for you. To see more tips click the link at the end of the article to visit the Quit Smoking Breakthrough.

Here’s as basic a quit smoking tip as you can get – “do not smoke any cigarette’s at all”. According to CDC if you try to smoke a fewer number of cigarettes but not stop completely you’re more likely to end up smoking the same amount again.

They add that low tar and nicotine cigarettes “do little good” and that the only “safe” choice is to quit completely, whether it’s quitting cold turkey or with the help of some kind of aid.

Another tip to help quit smoking is to “write down why you want to quit”. Be specific about what you’re looking for out of this effort to quit smoking. Especially in the areas of you life (day to day, and long term), you’re health, your family and your children. You may find it surprising just how helpful it is to have a heartfelt “reason why” to help you to quit smoking.

My wife, Trisha, quit cold turkey, no aids, no gum, just cold turkey. Her “reason why” came in the form of a man who was leading exercises on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii.

This guy looked like he was maybe in his late 50’s. It turned out he was 93-years-old! When he said his youthfulness was in part to not smoking cigarettes – that was all she wrote! Trisha quit that very moment. That single experience was all she needed to toss the cigarettes for good. Her “reason why”.

She still had to be strong about not smoking, it but that “reason why” was strong enough to keep her strong enough about not smoking and making her quit permanent.

Can you think of a “reason why” that’s that important to you?

One tip is to realize that “it will take effort to quit smoking”. The CDC says that the habit forming effects of nicotine and the bad moods and strong desires of “really wanting to smoke” have to be accepted as something you’ll have to deal with. Put another way they said – “there is no easy way”.

I have to say here that this statement “there is no easy way” needs to be taken very seriously. Especially if you use any of the “standard” ways or techniques for quitting cigarettes.

I found the truth of this statement every time I’d tried and failed to quit smoking. Over a dozen try’s to quit I was pulled back time and again. So yes, you do need to expect it to take effort – maybe a ton of effort – everybody’s different.

You see every “standard” way of quitting smoking, whether it’s nicotine patches or gum, or pharmaceutical drugs, hypnosis, or herbal formulas, are designed only to “help” you deal with the cravings and urges, the emotional unpredictability and all the other issues you have to deal with when trying to quit smoking cigarettes.

They weren’t designed to actually affect the “smoking habit” that ties you to cigarette smoking. With “standard” ways of quitting cigarettes you have to accept that you will have to wrestle with the “smoking habit” you’ve developed. You may have to wrestle with this “smoking habit” long after the nicotine has left your body. It’s an unfortunate fact.

Yes, it’s true that I eventually found a way that made quitting cigarettes automatic for myself. A technique that actually made me feel like a non-smoker the instant I quit – 20+ years ago. A technique that actually did “dismantle” my smoking habit. So when I quit, I felt just like I’d never smoked a cigarette before in my life. After over 20 years as a smoker. It really took me by surprise.

But for right now keep this CDC tip in mind and fully expect it to take from a little – to a lot – of effort to quit smoking cigarettes.

Quit Smoking – Stop Smoking -The Easy Way For You

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When You Start Smoking, It’s Hard To Quit Smoking

If you feel like there is no hope because you have failed to quit smoking each time you have tried, “Don’t”. Smoking is a hard habit to kick in the but. The tobacco added in cigarettes contains a drug known as nicotine (Highly addictive Drug).
Just like Heroin or other addictive drugs, our mind and body becomes used to Nicotine in cigarettes and needs to have it to feel normal.

You’re Not Alone

The true fact is 19 out of 20 smokers still smoke after trying to quit smoking. Most of these people have put countless time into quit smoking.

Why time you might ask?- the reason being is the amount of time consumed by people, paying for doctors appointments loose money by taking time off work to keep the appointment to help them quit smoking.

Shopping around for the right solution to help you quit smoking can be time consuming. Not to mention the times you would have chosen to quit smoking, just to find that your friend or friends have invited you to go to an outing involving social drinks.

You feel you can’t go along knowing that if you do, you will just light up a smoke, so therefore you isolate yourself instead and stay at home. Usually you would have chosen to go out if you weren’t trying to quit smoking. With the easy quit system there will be knowing missing out on anything. You can successfully quit smoking with ease when using this system.

Wasted Money On Products

It’s a proven fact that many people who have chosen to quit smoking will spend more than what the habit is costing them in a year on products. Of course this isn’t an ongoing expense for the majority of people, but it is a reality for some. These products may include nicotine patches, nicotine chewing gum, pills, sprays, and many more, of course these products can and do help some people quit smoking. It is more common for most to still have normal cravings along with finding out they would have spent the same amount of money if they were to have been smoking.
(say no to buying into products mentioned here again)

Times Are Changing

You may have been told from your parents or Grandparents that when they were young there were countless advertisements convincing people to smoke because it was glamorous, powerful, and exciting to light up a smoke. These advertisements went as far as into the 1940’s it was common for the family doctor to encourage the family to smoke to add relaxation into their way of life.

Now in our day and age people see and look at someone smoking as a hazard and think it is nothing but a terrible smelling, expensive, unattractive unhealthy habit to have.
When your parents/grandparents were young, people could buy cigarettes and have a smoke almost anywhere; this went to the extent of people being able to smoke in hospitals.
Many advertisements promoting to light up a smoke were seen all around the place.
Now years later it’s all changed, infact instead of promoting to smoke it’s the opposite where nearly everywhere you go, you will see something saying that you should quit smoking .

For example you put the television on, there’s bound to be an advertisement telling you how to quit smoking .We also have a helpful quit smoking help line to support people that are trying to quit smoking. It’s even gone as far as your own children telling you to quit smoking “it’s bad for your health mum dad “why do you smoke? (They teach this to children from as early as kindergarten.

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